Athletes World Foundation would make a memorable trip to the World Golf Hall of Fame to meet with Mr. Steve Mona, CEO of the World Golf Foundation.

St. Augustine Florida, June 14th, World Golf Foundation

Chris Vidal and Ash Smith would gain a deeper knowledge of the World Golf Foundations mission,  to develop and support initiatives that positively impact lives through the game of golf and its traditional values. In support of that mission, World Golf Foundation focuses on a variety of initiatives to grow and celebrate the game of golf around the world.

AWF Vice President Ash Smith described what was a great experience and productive day for Foundation developments. “As keen golfers, we have had an amazing experience today in St.Augustine. Chris and I thank Steve for his generous hospitality, which included guest shots at the wonderful replica, 17th hole from TPC Sawgrass! We are of course excited to reach an understanding of the benefits that would be provided to both organisations through a strategic alliance, and look forward to returning in the coming months”.

The World Golf Foundation supports the golf industry in a variety of roles, including acting as a centralized vehicle for communicating the industry’s initiatives to the media, initiating research projects to demonstrate the game’s scope and impact, and providing a unified approach to the anti-doping policies being implemented by the major global professional Tours.


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