In 2014 Athletes World Foundation was busy providing many scholarships to talented athletes from across the world. Learn more to see what we did.

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND 21st February 2015

Athletes World Foundation helped raised more than $200,000 in sport scholarship funding to help the lucky athletes listed below. AWF worked with our strategic partners Athletes USA and SportsPro Media to provide these scholarships. Thanks to all this hard work more athletes are now able to have education through sport opportunities.

2014 sport scholarships recipients 


Catherine Clohsey – University of San Francisco

Isobel Batt-Doyle – St Johns University

Oscar Wright – Pacific University

Angus Sinclair – Mercy University

Kate Norman – Limestone University

Joey Watson – Miligan College

Emily Dixon – Elon University

Katerina Krasov – Florida International

Marie Lunackova – Kennesaw State

Alwin Dubien – Salem International

Lucas Morviac – Alcorn State

Alexandre Costet – Salem Internation

Whitney Vilmaure – Reinhardt University

Imane Alou Issa – Bridgeport

Jamie Murtagh – Indiana State

Candie Lindeque – University of Cumberlands

Amy Warner – Yale University

Najwa Warner –  Iowa State



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