The problem

What is preventing athletes from combining education and sport?

Athletes often face challenges and pressure to combine their education with sport. The aim to succeed at the highest level of a sport demands intensive training and competition, which can be difficult to combine with academics. Dual career pathways should be beneficial for athletes allowing for education and sporting activities at the same time. These pathways will allow for clearer direction of an athletes future for life after sport.

Many countries fail to address this issue due to lack of solid agreements between the sport system and  the educational sector. They may also lack a legal framework or a sustainable governmental policy.


1 )Many countries don’t know how to combine education and sport.

2) Athletes do not expand their college options, due to a lack of knowledge.

3) Athletes do not fully understand the recruiting process.

4) No organization helps athletes for free and provides scholarships.

5) No scholarships for international study and education.

6) In America, Football and Basketball receive the most support.

7) Limited jobs for athletes without education.

8) No education opportunities for pro athletes whilst playing sport.


AWF Solutions

1) AWF’s dual career pathway (DCP) allows for both education and sport. Our DCP has been approved by industry experts and is being implemented to many International Sport Federations.

2) Our  network reaches over 5000 schools and academies that support the DCP model.

3) Our experienced team provides professional advice and guidance for athletes.

4) AWF is the first organization to offer FREE services and provide scholarships to athletes.

5) We raise sponsorship funding to become the NCAA of the world.

6) We do not discriminate, and support over 24 sports.

7) Our INSPIRE program was identified by UNESCO as a solution to this global issue.

8) AWF offers scholarships for E-learning opportunities for professional athletes.

Forward thinking

To date the United States of America has the best education and sport programs, which are governed by the NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA. Whilst these programs are superb for athlete career development they are limited to amateur athletes only and do not help solve the global issue.

Athletes World Foundtion is guiding and implementing proven and developed dual career pathways that will improve the conditions needed for sustainable Education through Sport pathways. This will allow nations to produce talented and elite athletes through their nations high performance programs but allow for athletes to acquire necessary academics for life after sport. Education doesn’t just benefit the athlete but also a nations economic development.


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