Lily Ana Kreutzer

About Lily

Lily-Ana displays a fine work ethic and commitment to achieving her Tennis goals, which separate her from other players her age. Lily-Ana is one of Canada’s top junior Tennis players and possess’ all the attributes required to compete at the elite level. Lily-Ana has a sound track record of competing in and winning finals.

  • 2012 Provincial Qualifier Finalist
  • 2012 Stanley Park Open, Under 16 Finalist
  • 2012 Whistler Open, Under 16 Champion
  • 2011, three Under 14 Championships

Lily-Ana is looking to further combine her outstanding Tennis ability with her academics. She understands the importance of following her Tennis dream, and sees the US as the optimal place. The AWF team is working with Lily-Ana to secure a scholarship within the North American NCAA system that will allow her to prosper as both a Tennis player and student. We expect Lily-Ana to enrol within an NCAA D1 institution for the Fall of 2014. Lily-Ana is expected to secure a scholarship to the value 30,000USD annually.