Catherine Clohesy

About Catherine

Catherine is a superb long distance runner from Adelaide, South Australia. Although Catherine will focus her College goals on long distance track running, she has an outstanding history of competing in and winning Track, Cross Country, Triathlon and road races. Catherine is a seriously elite athlete for her age and no doubt carry her success onto College.

  • 2012 Zatopek Open Womens 10000m, 7th place aged 16 running 36:15
  • 2012 Zatopek Under 23 Womens 10000m, 2nd place aged 16
  • 2012 South Australian state Under 20 3000m champion ahead of Ole Miss freshman, and full scholarship holder, Sophie Linn
  • 2012 Australian National All-Schools Cross Country, Under 18 4000m 4th place

Catherine is looking to further combine her phenomenal running talent with her academics. She understands the importance of pursuing her athletic dream, while securing a plan b for life after sport. The AWF team is working with Catherine to secure a scholarship within the North American NCAA system that will allow her to prosper as both a runner and student. We expect Catherine to enrol within an NCAA D1 institution for the Fall of 2014. Catherine is expected to secure a scholarship to the value 40,000USD annually.