Adrien Michellod

A proven winner, Adrien Michellod is working with AWF to continue his golf career and education

About Adrien

Switzerland is known for having impressive mountain views, clean lakes and a world champion tennis athlete (Roger Federer). They now also have a world class and up coming junior golfer. Adrien represents the Swiss National Golf Team and in 2013 he achieved the following impressive results.

  • Member of winning team European Boys Challenge Trophy
  • Winner of CSJTE Lägern -4
  • EMM Junior 2012
  • 1st Suisse Romade -7

Adrien was looking to combine his golf skills with an education. He approached AWF and we were more than happy to support Adrien. Our team is now working with Adrien to identify schools in the American NCAA setup that will allow for him to development attributes in both education and sport. We expect Adrien to enroll to a NCAA D1 for the Fall 2014. He current has interest from University of Idaho, Denver University, University of Detroit Mercy, Missouri State and Oakland.