Following the exciting developments with World Golf Foundation, the natural progression for AWF was to reach out for communication with the leading golf entities around the world. Senior Director of the PGA Tour Foundation, Scott Kmiec would meet with AWF executives to commence discussions focused on academic development of golfers.

Palm Beach Gardens Florida, Wednesday August 28th – PGA of America and PGA Tour Foundation.

Of the many topics discussed, one clear area was identified immediately; traditionally, too many golfers, particularly outside of North America do not gain a higher education. With golf standing as one of the true global games, the PGA of America are proactive in ensuring they will be seen at the forefront of all industries concerning the game.

Mr. Kmiec understands the importance of the AWF program, and could clearly identify the synergies between the two organisations. With the PGA of America offering a most efficient marketing platform through North America and internationally, AWF will seek to revisit Mr. Kmiec as various internal plans align for the PGA of America.

Athletes World Foundation President Chris Vidal added “Golf is of particular interest for the entire Foundation, but me personally as a former college golfer. With progression at World Golf Foundation, we will patiently pursue an alliance with the PGA of America as we clearly identify the complimentary synergies”.

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