The Open University provides a worldwide solution for AWF distance learning programs. The flexibility for athletes to study remotely, and use up to six years to secure their Bachelor degree, provides a fundamental component in the AWF Dual Career Pathway.

London UK, June 13th, Open University

Chris Vidal and Ash Smith met with Ian Howell (Global Business Director) and Steve Hill (Commercial Director) of The Open University to identify the clear and complimentary synergies between Athletes World Foundation and The Open University.

Ian and Steve provided valuable insight into existing case studies of athletes at various levels of competition, further consolidating the importance of Dual Career Pathways. Both parties left the meeting with a clear understanding of expectations and will work formally on a Memorandum of Understanding for Strategic Alliance. With more news to come from this relationship, the meeting provided exciting and productive developments for Athletes World Foundation.

AWF President Chris Vidal expressed is gratitude and enthusiasm at the pending alliance with The Open University. “Today has been a great day for the Foundation, but for me personally as Englishman, has been really exciting. Following the developments with Millfield today, we now look at an alliance with The OU. Really exciting and really positive for the future of UK student athletes”.


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