With Athletes World Foundation due to present at The European Union, European Social Dialogue Working Group on Career Funds for footballers, meeting with the MLS in New York was a nice alignment. Jan Greenberg Director of Community Relations would meet with AWF Executives to discuss the angles of proposed collaboration.

New York New York, Friday September 6th – Major League Soccer (MLS)

Having a sound knowledge of the challenges faced at retirement, amongst some of the most successful players in the worlds, the purpose of meeting with MLS was to explain how the AWF INSPIRE Program can benefit emerging players, MLS Works and current professionals.

AWF President Chris Vidal mentioned the importance of Dual Career Pathway opportunities for soccer athletes. “When we look at the wealthiest league in the world, the English Premier League, XPro have recorded that three in five retired professionals are declaring bankruptcy within two to five years of retirement. We need only to glance at leagues with less financial stability. Also those players who never reach professional ranks, and we realise the importance of higher education, providing a solid plan B for life after soccer/football”.

With the upcoming European Union presentation in Brussels, Athletes World Foundation are positioned at the forefront of academic development for footballers. AWF Vice President Ash Smith noted some key areas for concentration moving forward. “Dual Career Pathways are a hot topic within the EU right now. Budgets dedicated to this topic have been announced within the EU and we encourage any Club, Academy, Association or Federation to reach out for our advice and support. We will present to a commission of UEFA, FIFPro, EPFL and ECA to gain valuable insight from the pinnacle of world football”.

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