Athletes World Foundation (AWF) made their first visit to the International Tennis Federation to commence discussions of Eduction through Sport opportunities for junior Tennis players around the world. ITF Executive Director of Development, Dave Miley met with AWF President, Chris Vidal and AWF Vice President, Ash Smith.


An overwhelming demand for AWF assistance has come from the regions that also align closely with the focus of the ITF; Africa, South America, West Asia, Caribbean and Oceania. AWF places a particular emphasis on reaching the governments of these regions to explain the importance of implementing a dual career pathway. AWF believes education and sport budgets can be better utilised to invest in Human Capital, whilst still promoting circular flow of economic activity.

With many young Tennis players around the world, having a strong desire to compete at the professional level, the competition for places at the top are limited. Immediate attention can be drawn to CSR activities for the ITF and member national federations for supporting the AWF program.

 Grassroots Tennis programs are strong, and frequent in the underdeveloped regions of the world. The real importance lies in development of higher education for these young players, to ensure peace of mind for their life after sport. We are pleased with the steady discussion with the ITF and plan to align in 2013.

.AWF Vice President, Ash Smith



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