Athletes World Foundation (AWF) made their first visit to the International Golf Federation to commence discussions of Eduction through Sport opportunities for junior golfers around the world. IGF Executive Director, Antony Scanlon met with AWF President, Chris Vidal and AWF Vice President, Ash Smith.

Lausanne Switzerland, December 11th, International golf FEDERATION

Discussions focused on the importance of providing eduction for players to ensure they had a solid ‘plan B’ should their endeavours to reach professional ranks not eventuate. Mr. Scanlon expressed the importance of providing opportunities for players to study and compete within their home countries as a prerequisite for the IGF to consider exploring a strategic alliance with AWF.

Fortunately, AWF provides a truly global solution for international sport federations, offering a development model that allows national sport federation members to maintain their depth of talent, and not always lose them to the US. With Golf thriving across Europe, Middle East and Asia, AWF continues to push its development of an NCAA style system to provide opportunities for players of these regions to remain at home, study and play.

AWF and IGF have a memorandum of understanding to form a strategic alliance pending, and with such complimentary synergies we carefully watch for developments in this space.

As a former English junior, Golf is close to my heart and remains a high priority and attention area for AWF. Providing junior golfers, male and female alike with the opportunity to remain in their home country for study and Golf will please many federations and of course the families of the players.AWF President Chris Vidal



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