IIHF take one step closer to implementing education through sport initiatives with AWF.


Approaching the European Summer, the busy trend of Foundation developments continued today, with a day trip to Zurich. Christian Hofstetter, Marketing Director of IIHF would meet with Chris Vidal.

Of the many topics discussed, one clear area was identified immediately; that traditionally, too many Ice Hockey players do not gain a higher education, and in reflection of this, too many Ice Hockey players stereotyped and placed in this box.

Mr. Hofstetter understands the importance of the AWF program, and could clearly identify the synergies between the two organisations. With IIHF offering the most efficient marketing platform worldwide for the implementation of the Athletes World Foundation program, discussions will commence surrounding operational plans and proposed methods of strategic alliance.

Athletes World Foundation President Chris Vidal added “Ice Hockey is of particular interest to us at the Foundation. We have a close connection with staff in the US and Canada as former professional players. Through the relationship with our staff in the US and Canada, we have seen first hand the challenges faced, by even successful professionals, in making the transition to the labor market. We look forward to helping many Ice Hockey players worldwide”.


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