Invited as guests of Julius Bar, Athletes World Foundation co-founders Chris Vidal and Ash Smith had a unique opportunity to mix with the elite of world sport and business.

Monaco Monte Carlo, May 24th, Formula 1 Grand Prix

The Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix is arguably the premier sporting event worldwide, and with the opportunity to meet Hernan Crespo, Mario Balotelli and Jarno Trulli the event proved an exciting one Athletes World Foundation.

Foundation developments continued strongly with the interest sparked of many high net worth individuals, who understand the importance of higher education and using athletes as role models to ensure sustainability in economies for the future.

“Formula 1 is an amazing experience at the best of times” added AWF President Chris Vidal. “To attend as a guest of Julius Bar, with the crowd they had pooled together, took it to another level for the Foundation. We thank them very much for their generosity and we have taken a lot away from this event for the development of Foundation”.

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