Arguably the pinnacle of the winter games, Bobsleigh was a sport of great interest for AWF.

Lausanne Switzerland, May 17th, Federation Internationale de Bobsleigh et de Tobogganing (FIBT)

AWF President Chris Vidal, Vice President Ash Smith and International Sport Advisor Jean-Laurent Bourquin met with FIBT President Ivo Fariani to discuss the importance of encouraging more young athletes to participate in Bobsleigh, and also the importance of Eduction through Sport opportunities for Bobsleigh athletes.

“It was a pleasure to negotiate with an incredibly proactive President in Mr. Fariani. He understands the needs of the athlete, and connects on their level. We are very enthusiastic about the potential strategic alliance with FIBT. Together we could contribute towards the academic development of Bobsleigh athletes, but also set a benchmark for future winter Olympic sports” quoted AWF Vice President Ash Smith.

With the FIBT International congress to be conducted in June 2013, the timing appears sound to continue with a proposed partnership.


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