Athletes World Foundation newly appointed International Sport Advisor, Jean-Laurent Bourquin had organised a busy period for Chris Vidal and Ash Smith upon their US return, commencing with FIM. CEO Stephane Desprez and Executive Director of Operations Steve Aeschlimann would meet at the FIM headquarters with the AWF team.

Mies Switzerland, Tuesday June 25th – Federation Internationale DE Motocyclisme (FIM)

Motorcycle disciplines are of particular interest to AWF, as families of many countries are prepared to stretch themselves financially to enable the son or daughter to pilot the motorcycle. Despite these unselfish efforts of the family, this often leaves little room for further expenses in family budgets, such as higher education.

Stephane and Steve explained the conceptual plans of an FIM Academy, that would allow pilots to develop their ability further, but importantly identified the potential for AWF to add a component of higher education. Preliminary discussions were very positive between Athletes World Foundation and FIM, with both organisations to continue discussions after the European summer, surrounding the most appropriate method for collaboration.

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