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European Professional Football Leagues (EPFL) meet with AWF in Brussels to discuss education through Sport.

Nyon Switzerland, Monday July 1st – European Professional Football Leagues (EPFL)

Despite a major focus until to date having existed on International and National Federations and Olympic Committees, meeting with EPFL allowed Athletes World Foundation to explore new market strategies which would include professional clubs and players.

Mr. Jair Bertoni, Head of Cabinet at EPFL would meet with AWF to discuss the potential collaboration. The core conversation would surround the ability of Athletes World Foundation to implement its Dual Career Pathway within professional clubs, whilst providing CSR attention and results for the clubs at the same time.

Foundation  President Chris Vidal discussed the ease in which the Dual Career Pathway can be implemented for professional clubs. “Clubs have youth academies already, where they say no to many players every year. The Athletes World Foundation Dual Career Pathway fosters a stronger relationship between clubs and communities. No longer do clubs have to simply say ‘bad luck, you didn’t make it’ but can be more positive and confidently express ‘thanks for trying out, although you didn’t make it, fortunately we work with Athletes World Foundation who can provide ‘Plan B’ opportunities'”.

The message extends further for professional clubs. Currently they have players training and playing during the day, with very little to do after hours, to keep them focused and disciplined for life after Football. Distance learning (for example; The Open University) allows flexibility for footballers to train at their maximum, while finding an hour or two per day to complete a bachelor degree in up to six years.


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