COOKIE and Athletes World Foundation (AWF) have signed a strategic alliance.

Lausanne Switzerland, 17 July 2013 — COOKIE and Athletes World Foundation (AWF)

COOKIE and Athletes World Foundation (AWF) have signed a strategic alliance to activate and promote the importance of the AWF Dual Career Pathway. Through this alliance, opportunities to receive scholarships will be provided to a select number of qualifying students, contributing toward the academic development of young sports talents globally.

A sustainable lifestyle post sporting career is a key objective for any athlete. Without higher education, too many athletes are experiencing a narrow pathway of opportunity in securing an enjoyable working future. Obtaining higher education is paramount in improving the skill set of an athlete, which provides long term returns of social and economic benefit to the communities that once supported the athlete.

Through this strategic alliance, COOKIE appoints AWF as their international advisory channel for the student athlete, inviting interested athletes, families, clubs, academies and governments to contact AWF for any issue relating to athlete education and career development. A focus of the partnership is to address the efforts of COOKIE as an independent non-for-profit organization which supports young talented athletes in Western Switzerland by providing funding and access to a network of sport experts.

AWF Vice President, Ash Smith expressed “In Switzerland, COOKIE has placed itself at the forefront of addressing the Dual Career Pathway issue. Philippe Furrer and the COOKIE team have developed a progressive Foundation that compliments the work of AWF. We look forward to working with the athlete portfolio of COOKIE, that consists of high-potential Swiss athletes, who must be the living proof and advocates of the dual career pathway”.

COOKIE Founder and President, Philippe Furrer added “Among the athletes COOKIE is supporting or will welcome in the future, we want to make sure that studies are not set aside simply for lack of suitable solutions. Switzerland is far from being a pioneer in allowing elite athletes to follow a dual career and we believe AWF will help us to design custom-made distance-learning solutions for the young talents we support. ”

With the AWF campaign flourishing across the globe, international and national sport bodies are invited to connect with AWF to understand the value added service that is provided to student athletes seeking a dual career pathway.

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