PRESS RELEASE: UGANDA OLYMPIC COMMITTEE STRATGIC ALLIANCE  WITH AWF,  LAUSANNE SWITZERLAND, AUGUST 14 Formed under the category of Child and Youth Development within the Social Responsibility Unit, the alliance is a demonstration of UGANDA OLYMPIC COMMITTEE commitment to providing development opportunities for athletes. A sustainable lifestyle post sporting career is a key objective for any […]

Press Release: American Athletic Scholarships, Geneva, Switzerland 2015 Athletes from all over the world who aim to combine both education and sport now have a new free option to help them achieve this goal. Today Athletes World Foundation and Athletes USA launch a new initiative to help offer 25 athletic scholarships to American Universities within the NCAA, NAIA […]

Press Release: Athletes USA partner with Millennium Marathon to provide track & field scholarship: Accra, Ghana, 13TH August 2015 This epic international marathon, in collaboration with the Race Director Haile Gebrselassie, one of  the finest runners of all time, will attract over 15,000 professional runners locally and internationally, as well as more than 100,000 spectators from around the […]

(Left) AWF Vice President Ash Smith and (right) AWF and Olympic Solidarity Scholarship recipient In collaboration with Olympic Solidarity (OS), Athletes World Foundation (AWF) has provided scholarship awards for Ugandan Swimming athletes Aya Nakitanda and Nana Nakkiddu. This fist time collaboration between AWF and OS, has enabled Aya and Nana to benefit from full funding […]

(Christopher Vidal – Athletes World Foundation President and Steve Mona – CEO World Golf Foundation) World Golf Foundation (WGF) and Athletes World Foundation (AWF) have established a strategic alliance to promote the importance of the AWF Dual Career Pathway. Through this alliance, college-bound students worldwide will begin receiving more accurate information on the process required […]