Athletes World Foundation revisited World Golf Foundation CEO Steve Mona to continue discussions of a proposed collaboration. With a draft MOU for strategic alliance issued, the conversation would focus on the fine details of working together to contribute towards the academic development of golfers globally.

St. Augustine Florida, Tuesday August 27th – World Golf Foundation (WGF)

AWF Business Development Manager of North America commented on his first visit to World Golf Foundation and the World Golf Hall of Fame. “It was an amazing experience to visit this prestigious location, and to meet Steve Mona. To have a tour of the World Golf Hall of Fame was a bonus and on behalf of the AWF team, we are enthused to reach an understanding of the mutual benefits this alliance will provide”.

The AWF team are now pleased to announce a strategic alliance signing date of September 11th in the Shell Board Room at World Golf Foundation. All involved with Athletes World Foundation anxiously await what will be a monumental day in the Foundations short but exciting history

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