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(Left) AWF Vice President Ash Smith and (right) AWF and Olympic Solidarity Scholarship recipient

In collaboration with Olympic Solidarity (OS), Athletes World Foundation (AWF) has provided scholarship awards for Ugandan Swimming athletes Aya Nakitanda and Nana Nakkiddu. This fist time collaboration between AWF and OS, has enabled Aya and Nana to benefit from full funding towards their IOC Diploma in Sports Medicine. Aya has been a Ugandan Olympic representative at the 2008 Beijing Games, while Nana has competed at the FINA world swimming championships.

Geneva, Switzerland 7th October 2013

AWF Vice President, Ash Smith discussed the importance of athletes like Aya and Nana receiving such awards “For AWF this is ground breaking work. When you consider the political difficulties Aya and Nana have faced, they are brave and truly outstanding citizens of Uganda. In many nations, simple gestures such as wearing a bathing suit have been frowned upon for women. We are proud to utilise Education and Sport as tools to promote social equality and social well being, whilst providing resources towards economic development of Nations such as Uganda.”

On behalf of Uganda Olympic Committee (UOC) and the Uganda Swimming Federation (USF) Dr. Donald Rukare thanked the AWF and Olympic Solidarity. “Supporting Dr. Nakitanda and Dr Nanais greatly appreciated. We at both the UOC and USF are excited about this seminal opportunity that has been afforded to two of the bright female stars in Ugandan sports. UOC and USF are firmly committed to developing dual career pathways for our athletes with specific focus on capacity building and women empowerment. We wish them all the best and look forward to them contributing to the development of a sports medicine policy and guidelines for our NOC”.

AISTS MSA 2013 participant and Scholarship recipient, Aya Nakitanda expressed her delight “I thank the AWF so much. Their effort to collaborate with Olympic Solidarity was efficient and effortless. They have provided an opportunity that I had given up on, and words are definitely not enough to express our gratitude. I hope we will work towards the benefit of our nation, and more Ugandan athletes.” Aya will be graduating from the AISTS MSA (Master in Sport Administration) on December 7th 2013, after completing her placement (compulsory for the AISTS MSA) for the World Health Organisation in Geneva.

International and National sport federations and National Olympic Committees are invited to connect with AWF to understand the value added service that is provided to student athletes seeking a dual career pathway.

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