AWF unveiled our new Education through Sport E-learning platform at the Arab Sports Management Summit.

Press Release: AWF Education through Sport E-pLATFORM, Dubai, UAE, 28th May 2015

Today AWF unveiled it’s new Education through Sport E-learning platform that allows sport federations and governments to offer e-learning solutions for developing athletes.

The platform features revolutionary new technologies and a pioneering user interface with a beautiful design that helps student athletes combine education and sport.  The platform is AWF’s most advanced development in global education in sport since 2012. The platform will enable student athletes to communicate with universities and colleges, review education courses, take online courses that are provided by AWF partnered schools and provided student athletes with ongoing support.

“In 2012 AWF introduced to the world of sport the Education through Sport dual career pathway” said AWF President (Chris Vidal). ” And once again AWF is poised to captivate both ministries of Sport and federations with our revolutionary e-platform that will enhance student athletes abilities to combine both education and sport worldwide.”


Mr. Vidal went on to present the e-platforms ability to help athletes learn about the key advantages the American system can provide to athletes.

Vice President (Andrey Andreev) added ” We are delighted to have the opporuntity today to unveil our new Education through Sport E-platform. It’s taken over a year to develop and combines a 360 approach for student athletes. We have several federations and sport ministries we are working with to launch the platform to over the next months.

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We will  role out the platform to all International & National Sport Federations towards the Spring 2016. Im really proud we have provided an fantastic platform that allows student athletes to study anywhere in the world and continue high level sports.”


About the summit

The Arab Sports Management Summit was hosted in Grand Habtour hotel in Dubai. The summit focused on to optimism and showcase the passion that is driving the countries in the region to work towards attracting major sport events and developing education through sport to the region. This attracted leaders in sports to come together and discuss the opportunities, challenges and the future of sport in the UAE.

The Arab Sports Management Summit was a premier sports event, deriving it’s focus from the huge and consistently growing sports market in the Middle East and North Africa. With governments focusing on the growth of the sports industry and the passion for sports in the region, the region is keen to implement dual career pathways for athletes.

The summit attracted stake holders from over 22 countries in the Middle East and North Africa providing an ideal opportunity for AWF to promote Education through Sport.


About AWF

Many athletes are unable to afford education. Athletes World Foundation (AWF) aims to break down athletes financial barriers preventing them from continuing their Education through Sport. Our team has extensive experience within sport allowing us to recognize and understand the challenges student athletes commonly face in life after sport without an education.

We believe in providing deserving athletes with sport scholarships permitting them to continue education through their sporting talent. AWF is inspiring and guiding athletes to work hard on an off the sporting field enabling them to become true champions in sport, life and society.

We partner with international sports institutions and federations gaining endorsement from Olympic officials to jointly integrate sports talent development and university education into a sponsored program to help amateur athletes.







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