AWF annual board meeting see’s change in leadership.

Geneva, Switzerland 10th October 2014

AWF board of directors promoted Chief business development manager (Andrey Andreev) to Vice President role. The board and trustees released former Vice President Ash Smith making way for new Vice President Andrey Andrey. Mr. Andreev is the perfect fit for the position having been through the AISTS program in Lausanne and having competed in professional tennis.

Mr. Andreev gladly accepted the role and quoted. “It’s an amazing day. We have worked so hard to make AWF from an idea to a major player in raising funds to help provide education through sport. Im looking forward to brining my knowledge and expertise to the table and working with the current AWF team to achieve this.”

The board voted current President Mr. Vidal to run for a further term having lead AWF mission to global leaders and sponsors. Mr. Vidal added “Im really excited to work with Andrey and continue the great work we have been doing. Andrey and I spoke earlier today and we have some ideas on how we can help many more athletes in 2015. It’s going to be an exciting time.”




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