International Triathlon Union meet with AWF to discuss how education through sport pathways can be implemented.

Lausanne Switzerland, Monday July 2nd – International Triathlon Union

Triathlon is a forever emerging and popular sport worldwide, with the fitness benefits and ability to compete, widely available to amateurs as well as professionals. Due to the structure of Triathlon, many existing professionals study or have studied, placing Triathlon ahead of many sports worldwide with an estimated 70% of all athletes studying.

Sport Director Gergely Markus met with Chris Vidal, Ash Smith and Jean-Laurent Bourquin to discuss the importance of implementing a firm structure around study options for triathlon participants. Despite the number of Traithlon study participants already being high, the importance of a concrete pathway is paramount. As the sport continues to grow, naturally more money will be available at the top level, enticing athletes to work harder for a successful career. Athletes World Foundation would like to encourage the ITU and its member athletes not to lose a focus and understanding to the value of higher education.

Chris Vidal commented on the vision of the ITU. “Meeting today with Mr. Markus was a relieving feeling. A sport that already has a high level of study participants, and a sport that has a vision for the future of their athletes. We look forward to establishing the right mix to work in alliance with the ITU”.


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