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We provide sport scholarships for athletes,

enabling them to continue their education through sport.

Over $100,000,000 scholarships already provided since 2006 via AWF platforms.




So we can offer athletes opportunities we never had.

Many athletes are unable to afford education. Athletes World Foundation (AWF) aims to break down athletes financial barriers preventing them from continuing their Education through Sport. Our team has extensive experience within sport allowing us to recognize and understand the challenges student athletes commonly face in life after sport without an education.

We believe in providing deserving athletes with sport scholarships permitting them to continue education through their sporting talent. AWF is inspiring and guiding athletes to work hard on an off the sporting field enabling them to become true champions in sport, life and society.

We partner with international sports institutions and federations gaining endorsement from Olympic officials to jointly integrate sports talent development and university education into a sponsored program to help amateur athletes.


AWF believes in assisting athletes with qualifying academic backgrounds, English language and a keen college interest to provide them with access to free international university education through the practice of sport.

Our experienced team have developed proven dual career pathways that allow athletes to continue education and sport. This provides student athletes the opportunity to turn professional or enter the job market. Our strategy allows athletes to have the best of both world’s.


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